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1932-33 (6th Annual Awards)
Nominations by Film

Listed below are the films nominated for Academy Awards in 1932-33. Beneath each film are the categories for which the film was nominated. TheWinner marker symbol appears next to those categories it ultimately won. Click on the name of a film or person in the list to display more information about that film or person. Or, click on a year in the column on the right to display the nominations by film for that year.

Berkeley Square, Jesse L. Lasky; Fox.

Best Actor. Leslie Howard.

Building a Building, Walt Disney Productions; United Artists. [Mickey Mouse Series]

Short Subjects (Cartoons). Walt Disney, Producer.

Cavalcade, Fox.

Winner markerOutstanding Production.
Best Actress. Diana Wynyard.
Winner markerDirecting. Frank Lloyd.
Winner markerArt Direction. William S. Darling.

A Farewell to Arms, Paramount.

Outstanding Production.
Art Direction. Hans Dreier and Roland Anderson.
Winner markerCinematography. Charles Bryant Lang, Jr.
Winner markerSound Recording. Paramount Studio Sound Department, Franklin B. Hansen, Sound Director.

42nd Street, Warner Bros.

Outstanding Production.
Sound Recording. Warner Bros. Studio Sound Department, Nathan Levinson, Sound Director.

Gold Diggers of 1933, Warner Bros.

Sound Recording. Warner Bros. Studio Sound Department, Nathan Levinson, Sound Director.

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, Warner Bros.

Outstanding Production.
Best Actor. Paul Muni.
Sound Recording. Warner Bros. Studio Sound Department, Nathan Levinson, Sound Director.

Krakatoa, Joe Rock; Educational. [Three-reel Special Series]

Winner markerShort Subjects (Novelty). Joe Rock, Producer.

Lady for a Day, Columbia.

Outstanding Production.
Best Actress. May Robson.
Directing. Frank Capra.
Writing (Adaptation). Robert Riskin.

Little Women, RKO Radio.

Outstanding Production.
Directing. George Cukor.
Winner markerWriting (Adaptation). Victor Heerman and Sarah Y. Mason.

Menu, Pete Smith; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. [Oddities Series]

Short Subjects (Novelty). Pete Smith, Producer.

The Merry Old Soul, Walter Lantz Productions; Universal. [Oswald the Rabbit Series]

Short Subjects (Cartoons). Walter Lantz, Producer.

Mister Mugg, Warren Doane; Universal. [Comedies Series]

Short Subjects (Comedy). Warren Doane, Producer.

Morning Glory, RKO Radio.

Winner markerBest Actress. Katharine Hepburn.

One Way Passage, Warner Bros.

Winner markerWriting (Original Story). Robert Lord.

A Preferred List, Louis Brock; RKO Radio. [Headliner Series #5]

Short Subjects (Comedy). Louis Brock, Producer.

The Private Life of Henry VIII, London Films; United Artists. (United Kingdom)

Outstanding Production.
Winner markerBest Actor. Charles Laughton.

The Prizefighter and the Lady, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Writing (Original Story). Frances Marion.

Rasputin and the Empress, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Writing (Original Story). Charles MacArthur.

Reunion in Vienna, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Cinematography. George J. Folsey.

The Sea, Educational. [Battle for Life Series]

Short Subjects (Novelty).

She Done Him Wrong, Paramount.

Outstanding Production.

The Sign of the Cross, Paramount Publix.

Cinematography. Karl Struss.

Smilin’ Through, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Outstanding Production.

So This Is Harris, Louis Brock; RKO Radio. [Special Series]

Winner markerShort Subjects (Comedy). Louis Brock, Producer.

State Fair, Fox.

Outstanding Production.
Writing (Adaptation). Paul Green and Sonya Levien.

The Three Little Pigs, Walt Disney Productions; United Artists. [Silly Symphony Series]

Winner markerShort Subjects (Cartoons). Walt Disney, Producer.

When Ladies Meet, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Art Direction. Cedric Gibbons.