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1930-31 (4th Annual Awards)
Winners Only

Listed below are the Academy Award winners for the year 1930-31 (non-winning nominations have been omitted from this list). Click on the name of a film or person in the list to display more information about that film or person Or, click on a year in the column on the right to display the winners from that year.

Outstanding Production

Winner markerCimarron, RKO Radio.

Best Actor

Winner markerLionel Barrymore in A Free Soul, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Best Actress

Winner markerMarie Dressler in Min and Bill, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


Winner markerSkippy, Paramount Publix. Norman Taurog.

Art Direction

Winner markerCimarron, RKO Radio. Max Ree.


Winner markerTabu, Paramount Publix. Floyd Crosby.

Sound Recording

Winner markerParamount Publix Studio Sound Department



Winner markerCimarron, RKO Radio. Howard Estabrook.

(Original Story)

Winner markerThe Dawn Patrol, First National. John Monk Saunders.

Scientific or Technical Award

(Class I)

Winner markerTo Electrical Research Products, Inc., RCA-Photophone, Inc., and RKO Radio Pictures, Inc., for noise reduction recording equipment.
Winner markerTo DuPont Manufacturing Corp. and Eastman Kodak Company for super-sensitive panchromatic film.

(Class II)

Winner markerTo Fox Film Corp. for effective use of synchro-projection composite photography.

(Class III)

Winner markerTo Electrical Research Products, Inc., for moving coil microphone transmitters.
Winner markerTo RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. for reflex type microphone concentrators.
Winner markerTo RCA-Photophone, Inc. for ribbon microphone transmitters.