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1929-30 (3rd Annual Awards)
Academy Award Overview

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The 1929-30 Preliminaries

1929-30 (3rd) Reminder List of Eligible Releases

1929-30 (3rd) Voting Rules
Eligibility Period:
August 1, 1929 to July 31, 1930

Reminder List of Eligible Releases

Text of Voting Rules

The 1929-30 Ceremony

Wednesday, November 5, 1930
8:00 PM

Fiesta Room of the
Ambassador Hotel,
Los Angeles

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The 1929-30 Winners

1929-30 (3rd) Best Picture Poster: “All Quiet on the Western Front”

1929-30 (3rd) Best Picture Home Page Background: “All Quiet on the Western Front”

Best Picture:
All Quiet on the Western Front

Best Picture Poster

Best Picture Home Page Background

1929-30 (3rd) Best Actor: George Arliss   1929-30 (3rd) Best Actor Volpe Sketch: George Arliss Best Actor:
George Arliss
as The Raja
in the film
The Green Goddess

and as Benjamin Disraeli
in the film

(Note: Arliss was announced winner
for only the Disraeli performance.)

1929-30 (3rd) Best Actress: Norma Shearer   1929-30 (3rd) Best Actress Volpe Sketch: Norma Shearer Best Actress:
Norma Shearer
as Lucia ‘Lally’ Marlett
in the film
Their Own Desire

and as Jerry Martin
in the film
The Divorcee

(Note: Shearer was announced winner
for only the The Divorcee performance.)