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2006 (79th Annual Awards)
Academy Award Overview

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The 2006 Preliminaries

2006 (79th) Reminder List of Eligible Releases

2006 (79th) Voting Rules
Eligibility Period:
January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006

Reminder List of Eligible Releases

Text of Voting Rules

The 2006 Ceremony

2006 (79th) Academy Award Ceremony Poster

2006 (79th) Academy Award Ceremony Program
Sunday, February 25, 2007
5:30 PM

Kodak Theatre,
Hollywood & Highland

Ceremony Poster

Ceremony Program

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The 2006 Winners

2006 (79th) Best Picture Poster: “The Departed”

2006 (79th) Best Picture Home Page Background: “The Departed”

Best Picture:
The Departed
Warner Bros. Pictures Production;
Warner Bros.

Graham King, Producer

Best Picture Poster

Best Picture Home Page Background

2006 (79th) Best Actor: Forest Whitaker Best Actor:
Forest Whitaker
as Idi Amin
in the film
The Last King of Scotland

2006 (79th) Best Actress: Helen Mirren Best Actress:
Helen Mirren
as HRM Queen Elizabeth II
in the film
The Queen

2006 (71st) Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin Best Supporting Actor:
Alan Arkin
as Grandpa Edwin Hoover
in the film
Little Miss Sunshine

2006 (71st) Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson Best Supporting Actress:
Jennifer Hudson
as Effie White
in the film

2006 (73rd) Best Song: “I Need to Wake Up” Best Song:
I Need to Wake Up
from the film
An Inconvenient Truth

Music and lyric by Melissa Etheridge

Best Song Lyrics

The 2006 Academy Board of Governors Ball

2006 (50th) Governors Ball Program/Menu The Grand Ballroom,
Hollywood & Highland

Governors Ball Program/Menu
Dinner Menu